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About Us

Ugo and Sim Sim, created by Tonye Faloughi, are stories about the everyday life of a brother and sister living in Lagos, Nigeria. Ugo is a handsome and friendly 6-year-old boy who is curious about everything. Sim Sim is his cute and outgoing 5-year-old sister with Down Syndrome. She loves books, music and dancing.

Together, Ugo & Sim Sim take on daily challenges and sometimes each other as they learn about life. Topics range from understanding what Down Syndrome is, to bad hair days; power cuts, being independent, bullying, learning to share, Nigerian culture and so much more.

Ugo & Sim Sim aims to educate society on how to understand and communicate with individuals with Down Syndrome through entertaining material infused with local content. As an extension, it also debunks some of the myths around people with special needs.

Ugo and Sim Sim will be the first Nigerian multimedia content that tackles the lives of individuals with special needs and all those around them.


To educate society at large on understanding the nature of

Down Syndrome and Individuals living with it.

To create a community that shares information and helps to support those living with

Down Syndrome, other special needs, their families and care-takers etc.

To create and promote local content related to special needs.

To demystify the myth of the black African as “other” and show that people around the

world have more similarities than differences in living their everyday lives.

Target Audience

Primary Target

Ugo & Sim Sim is primarily aimed at Children between the ages of 0-9yrs with or without special needs, Parents, primary caregivers, and schools.

Secondary Target

Ugo & Sim Sim is also aimed at Organizations and Institutions operating or interested in supporting projects related to Down Syndrome.

Touch Points

Ugo & Sim Sim is a multi-media project that will be available in the following forms:

  • Illustrated Books: Ugo & Sim Sim will be in the form of a book series telling various entertaining and informative stories from the everyday lives of the characters.
  • Animation: The book series will have companion-animated episodes that engage kids through the stories and various educational activities.
  • Music: We will create sing-a-long music that will be syndicated across distribution platforms.
  • Educational Resources: Informational material geared towards educating society about Down Syndrome; life for a child with special needs; raising a child with special needs as well as developmental tools and edutainment for ALL kids. 
  • We will be partnering with child behavioural resource platform Materials will be made available for distribution as well as downloads (offline and online).
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